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It's eat or be eaten in The Isle

The Isle is an unusual open-world survival game in which you play either a predatory dinosaur a herbivore a human hunter looking for dinosaurs to kill or a cannibal who preys on other humans. There are over a dozen playable species of dinosaur each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Among the human characters hunters (also called mercenaries) rely on firepower while cannibals use primitive weapons and rely on stealth and mobility.

Survival isn't easy

Like a lot of survival games The Isle prides itself on its high difficulty level and lack of easily available information. If you're playing for the first time expect to die early and possibly often as you learn what you need to do to survive in a world where almost everything is out to kill you. The biggest challenge is often simply finding food -- if you're a carnivorous dinosaur after all every meal comes from hunting. If you can tolerate the early-game frustration you'll discover a unique game that puts its dinosaur characters front and centre. The lovingly-rendered jungle island environments and dinosaur models create a game that looks like no other.

Get started with prehistoric mayhem

The Isle is a strange game and one that lacks the plot or characters that appeal to some gamers. But if you like survival horror and enjoy the idea of being (or hunting) a dinosaur check it out.


  • Lush habitats
  • Varied dinosaurs
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Steep learning curve


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The Isle


The Isle beta for PC


User reviews about The Isle

  • gregory bazilewich

    by gregory bazilewich

    because its about survival an you an you fight against preditors an make friends

  • Savannah Allen

    by Savannah Allen

    it looks and sounds fun from the videos i've seen so i wanna play it

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I think I can summarize it..
    I think The Isle is very cool, but hard to survive. And also I liked to check out the dinos in thereMore

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